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FAQ Page 2017-02-22T10:52:56+00:00
How do I Change my Password? 2015-01-06T11:33:09+00:00

Changing Your Password


  • In the upper right hand corner, select Dashboard
  • Under the Controls Heading, select Edit your password and account details
  • Under the Password Change Heading, enter in your current password and new password
  • Select Save Changes
How Do I Add a Product as a Vendor? 2017-02-22T10:52:57+00:00

Adding a Product


  • In the upper right hand corner, select Vendor Admin Area or go to www.podagas.com/wp-admin and login.
  • On the left hand side, select Products and Add Product
  • Enter a product name
  • The Permalink will be created for you. If you want to change it (product name), select Edit. Once changed, select OK

Insert Media:

  • The text is the product description. Select the Text tab and enter your description of the product

Simple Product:

  • General-enter the regular price or schedule a sale price (including the dates you want the product to go on sale)
  • Inventory-manage the inventory you have
  • Shipping-enter weights and dimensions of the product
  • Linked Products-offer suggestions of other products that can be sold with your product
  • You can check the box to Disable the Contact Form so buyers can’t contact you


Variable Product:

  • Manage the inventory, link products and add variations (click on the link to learn more about this option)
  • You  can check the box to Disable the Contact Form so buyers can’t contact you


Short Product Description:

  • Enter a short description of the product


  • On the right hand side of the screen choose the Product Categories and Tags and the Zip Code where the product is shipping from
  • At the bottom on the right hand side is where the image will need to be added. Select Featured Item to upload a photo or choose one already in the gallery
  • Save the Draft and Preview the product
  • Once previewed and everything is correct, select Publish on the right hand side
How do I Become a Vendor on Podagas? 2015-01-06T12:28:29+00:00

We at Podagas strive to make everything easy for both buyer and seller.  Becoming a seller is really quite simple. It only takes a few steps.

Becoming a Vendor


  • In the top right hand corner, select Become a Vendor
  • Once the box pops up, enter in the information in the required fields (you must have a Paypal account)
  • Once the information is entered and is correct, select Register
  • You will be sent an email with a password. Click on the link in the email and enter in your username and password
Do I have to have a Paypal account? 2017-02-22T10:52:57+00:00

Yes, as vendor you must have a Paypal account. We recommend Premier or Business account, not a Personal PayPal account. This is for two reasons: personal accounts are subject to receiving limits every month, and personal accounts cannot accept payments from buyers that are funded by a credit card. Paypal also helps us protect our customers from fraudulent activity.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Are my sales transactions safe? 2014-08-22T04:24:48+00:00

We use Paypal and here is their answer to that question: “Our state-of-the-art fraud models and proprietary fraud engine work together to help stop fraudulent transactions before they happen. In addition, PayPal stays at the forefront of security, developing many anti-fraud technologies every year.”

Why should I use Podagas? 2014-08-22T04:23:41+00:00

We built Podagas for you. We bring top quality products to people who are as passionate as we are about the outdoors. Our vendors bring unique, rare and one of a kind products and experiences to an exclusive marketplace.

Does Podagas sell outside of the United States? 2014-08-22T04:22:28+00:00

Yes, however international shipping rates will apply from vendors in the U.S. We’re not restricted by borders, if you can imagine it, we can do it.

What is your return policy? 2014-08-22T04:20:05+00:00

The return policy will be at the discretion of the vendor. However, each vendor must state clearly what their return policy will be and must comply with Podagas’ requirements to participate in our marketplace.

Can I list more than one product in my store? 2014-08-22T04:19:07+00:00

Absolutely, we would love nothing more than to see everyone list multiple products?

Is it easy to buy products on Podagas? 2014-08-22T04:17:13+00:00

Yes. Our main goal was to make Podagas safe, fun, and user friendly. Easily search from thousands of vendor products and when you’re ready you can checkout using Paypal or your credit card over the industry’s most secure servers.

What kind of products do you carry? 2014-08-22T04:15:16+00:00

We actually don’t carry any products, we are a marketplace for handmade, refurbished and one of a kind products that artisans from around the world offer for sale on Podagas.com.  We also have a select list of outfitters, lodges and guides to take you on your next adventure.

What does Podagas mean? 2014-08-22T04:27:07+00:00

In Wendish mythology Podaga is the weather god and the god of fishing, hunting and farming.