Welcome To Podagas

Who Is Podagas

Hunt, Fish, Live
We are always striving to be better than we were the day before. Our goal at Podagas is to increase everyone’s happiness by providing the absolute best products and services.
Our promise is to be the gold standard of attentiveness and responsiveness. Our driving focus is to create a positive experience for every customer everyday.
1. We treat others as we would like to be treated (how can anyone go wrong with the Golden Rule)
2. Do Everything with Passion.
3. Be Adventurous
4. Always be willing to help others.
5. Be thankful
6. Be honest.
7. Always look for ways to improve.
8. Be knowledgeable in everything we do.
9. Do More with less.
10. Donate to great causes.

Meet Our Team

Brian Guilander
Brian GuilanderFounding Partner
Brian graduated from DePaul University with a BS in Finance. From there, he began a 20 year career on Wall Street. Since he was 5 years old he has spent as much time as he could in the outdoors. He spent most of his early years fishing, hunting, or camping mainly with his dad and grandpa. He’s been fishing or hunting from the Yukon down to the Florida Keys. Throughout his career on Wall Street, he has always looked for a career in the outdoor industry. He is very excited to be working on his passion at Go Hunt LLC, and looks forward to servicing a group of people who have been vastly underrepresented by the big chain stores. He feels that there is a big push by artisans to slow down and take the time to make quality products, which is why he is excited about Podagas’ position. Brian just recently finished building his first drift boat and would love to see what other people are making. Brian currently lives in Colorado with his wife and three children.
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick SullivanFounding Partner
Patrick graduated From De Paul University in 1998 with a degree in Finance. Straight from college he began his career on Wall Street working at Bear Stearns. After migrating through a couple different trading firms after Bear Stearns he landed a trading position at a Quantitative trading firm in 2007. Always a lover of the outdoors especially fishing Patrick and his friend Brian who is also an avid outdoorsman start Podagas in 2012. Patrick is passionate about this new journey and knows that since it involves something in which he and Brian feel so strongly about that they will do what it takes to make it a success not only for themselves but for everyone who visits the site as well. Patrick lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and 3 children.
Mark Schaefer
Mark SchaeferFounding Partner
Mark has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and has been in charge of multi-million dollar projects with many of the Fortune 500 companies in the US.  He graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems.  He has been an avid outdoorsman for his entire life.  “ I really love to hunt and fish, but being left-handed made me understand that using the proper equipment helps enhance the experience and keeps you coming back, that is what drove me to want to provide these high quality, custom items that can’t be purchased in the big box stores.”